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  • What a great place! Good food and a very cool selection of products you won’t find anywhere else in Tulsa. Tanya was incredibly helpful and kind to me – she even indulged my fledgling русский язык abilities and made sure I knew how to say the names of what I was buying. I will be back and back and back again! 🙂 Sollymon Farm
  • 12650841 1163282420380598 4449669761270517373 NI recently got some chocolates, and goodness! they were like Heaven in your mouth. Not overly sweet but just a hint of natural sweetness that did not require any additional. Pure chocolate and pure bliss 🙂 I will be returning for more of those 🙂Their Cheese is very good too. I recently found out they have golubsty and pelemni too!! must have. Aruzaru K

    11907367 2492380795948 3139078272643770848 NThey have two locations with rare gifts and treats from Europe also a really great deli!! Check them out!! Mitchell M
  • 1013724 10200841903443755 1712660119 NThe deli section is amazing. I can always find something I want at Euro Mart! Cookies, canned goods, crackers, teas, candies, ( I could go on and on) things from all over that are sometimes hard to find in Tulsa. I like that I can buy products from the EU that does not allow the “fillers and junk” allowed in foods sold here. They also have local milk with the cream on top! YUM! Shannon W
  • 10848048 1117859704925191 542103708274947609 NGood people and good food! Always a pleasure to see Tanya and to purchase all goodies that she brings from Europe.Found a lot of items from my country that we where raised with and are close to our hearts.A big Thank You! Alina P
  • 13902640 1720519558213199 7897481384428898972 NI love bringing my mother here to buy some pastries and drink tea. The selection is wonderful and the staff is incredibly amazing. Louis S
  • 11855823 10153584204289297 3245150431222389849 NI went today for the first time! Great selections and amazing customer service. I will definitely be back and am already telling my friends!! Jennifer J
  • 10991093 10101680199733405 1580208029812817831 NThe best selection and great service. I’m glad there is a store like this in Tulsa. Dominykas K
  • 12289658 10207992275742927 583244323209791606 NLove this place. Couldn’t live here without lithuanian bread lol. Gintare K
  • 13620094 10206845689321596 3356133076997622052 NAMAZING!!!! I Love how friendly and helpful everyone is here too. The deli is AMAAAAZING! Kelly P
  • 10252183 1005282059496226 2376393053335294368 NGreat place! Awesome selection and customer service! Tatyana F
  • 14022218 10153817859871658 4020584773268852972 NLove, love, love this place! Toni M
  • 1002920 10151676805846396 912146135 NSuch friendly service Patrick D
  • 12523156 10206825277005519 3216878857986652775 NAbsolutely lovely! Lottie S
  • 10417751 625575014198557 2541261981663649620 NLove it! Reminds me of home! Olga M
  • 1912091 993166014042603 9058400287751752749 NSuper delicious! Great selection! Обалденно вкусно! Отличный выбор! Kate T
  • 13346723 10210005405881005 3301371595166805259 NGreat selection of products! The owners are very polite! Happy to discover this place! Konstantina M