MIO – Made in Oklahoma

Euromart is a certified M-I-O retailer. On the shelves in between European selections are Oklahoma selections. It is logical for a couple of reasons:

  1. For example, when we talked about meats coming from Europe and some by necessity coming from inside America, it now is only logical to have things from Oklahoma.
  2. Things must fit the theme of our store, and when we find them in Oklahoma, YOU BET, we will stock them.

Oklahoma items that have a connection to Europe will be here as part of our “Olympic Barbell Strategy.” Imagine 2 heavy weights connected by a bar, and together, heavy lifting happens. Here at Euromart, Oklahoma is connected by the store to Europe.

An added benefit is celebrating Oklahoma’s heritage of immigration. Many of the Oklahoma small family business items are family recipes. For example, did you know there are 3 pasta sauces produced in Oklahoma using authentic family recipes from Italy? We love it!

MIO Brands and products we offer are:

  • Lomah Dairy near Miami, OK. has Jersey cows, a British breed that has highest cream content of any milk from cows. Euromart also carries their cheeses.
  • Middle Mountain Dairy near McAlester,OK has goat milk and cheese from Chevre sheep, a France breed.
  • Blakley Farms of Oolagah, OK has free range natural eggs, and Tulsa state Fair award-winning beef from different European breeds.
  • In season, we carry fresh vegetables from the growers at Cherry Street Farmer’s Market.
  • Oklahoma Pasta sauces are Lovera’s, Scafetta’s, 3 Saucy Sisters.
  • Oklahoma honey brands are Andrews, and Gold Standard.
  • My Dad’s Salsa.
  • Seikel’s Oklahoma Gold Mustard.
  • Homesteader’s Finest Sauces and Craft Jams.
  • Our fave is Irish Stout Chocolatey sauce.
  • Red River Chipotle salsas and sauces.
  • Boudreaux’s Cajun sauces.