Going Green

Euromart’s Green Efforts

Euromart is a lean, green machine! We care about the world because we are here from all over the world. We care about the land because most of us are from the land. Gary and Tanya were raised in a family of farmers.

Our concerns are expressed by efforts in the 3 R’s:

  1. Recycle
  2. Re-use
  3. Reduce

At Euromart, we recycle:

  • 100% of glass
  • 100% of aluminum
  • 100% of steel
  • 100% of plastics
  • 100% of newsprint

In addition to recycling all of the above, we also recycle cardboard as much as possible. What we are not able to recycle, we re-direct so that it is burned at Tulsa’s Trash to Energy Factory.

Vegetable material is composted. Our meat material is given to chicken owners for egg production.

We re-use the plastic buckets we get and the cardboard boxes that have a minimum of text on them. Whenever possible, we resell the plastic buckets, cardboard boxes, and wooden shipping pallets and newsprint. We use the proceeds to buy office supplies. As our valued customers, this holds your costs down and lets us offer lower prices.

In energy efficiency improvements, we have converted 100% of our fluorescent lights that produces 30% more light while using 30% less electricity while producing less heat than ever. Euromart uses no natural gas! In the winter, our refrigerator equipment produces enough heat to keep the store at 68 degrees fahrenheit. We shut down the gas account and removed the gas meter years ago. In the near future, Euromart will sign up for the PSO’s wind-power electricity.

We feel that when Euromart is combined with Gary’s family farms, Euromart is CARBON NEGATIVE. That means that every day, we are making the world a better place.

We are proud of our GREEN approach in running most every aspect of our business. We challenge you to find another small business that is more carbon negative than Euromart is.