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Come see us at our stores in South Tulsa across from Woodland Hills and Midtown on Cherry Street!


What a great place! Good food and a very cool selection of products you won’t find anywhere else in Tulsa. Tanya was incredibly helpful and kind to me – she even indulged my fledgling русский язык abilities and made sure I knew how to say the names of what I was buying. I will be back and back and back again!

- Sollymon Farm







Image of Aruzaru K
I recently got some chocolates, and goodness! they were like Heaven in your mouth. Not overly sweet but just a hint of natural sweetness that did not require any additional. Pure chocolate and pure bliss I will be returning for more of those. Their Cheese is very good too. I recently found out they have golubsty and pelemni too!! must have.

- Aruzaru K