Old World Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables

Though Euromart is known for its European chocolates and cheeses, we go to great lengths to stock herbs, fruits, and vegetables in our stores. We want to offer a well-rounded, healthy store.

We provide you products from all over European — from drizzly, cloudy, cool British Isles to the sunny garden spots of Europe in Hungary and Bulgaria. Even from the strong sun and sandy soils seaside of the Mediterranean such as Turkey and Israel, we make available the herbs, fruits and vegetables that you will enjoy. If you are looking for anti-oxidant loaded berries from Siberia in Russia, expect to find them here!

The Brands we offer may include:  

  • Noyan (Armenia),
  • Todorka, Deroni, and Zergut-(Bulgaria),
  • Jadranka-(Bosnia)
  • Branston, Duerr’s, Heinz, Wilkin&sons (British),
  • Podravka-(Croatia),
  • Knorr, Kuhne<Schwartau-(Germany),
  • Bende-(Hungary),
  • Batchelor’s-(Ireland),
  • Rosman-(Israel),
  • Biljana, Gazda, Vava- (Macedonia)
  • Galil-(Turkey)