European Meats and Fish

Meat has difficulty crossing borders for obvious reasons. Salami and dry sausage come from the countries of Europe. As you get to fresh and smoked meat selections, those are from inside North America.

Meats from Europe is going to be the real deal. Meats from North America, we search and choose brands made by artisan immigrant family markets crafting recipes for immigrant and ethnic customers who know better and will not accept anything less than the best.

These markets answer to their customers in their home cities, and those are the brands we choose. For instance, take our German sausage. This is not a German family producing sausages for the general customer. This is a German family making sausages for their German neighbors and their newly arrived relatives who settled in places like Chicago, Philadelphia Cleveland, and St. Louis.

Brands are:

  • Boback’s (Chicago) official hotdog of “DA BEARS!” football
  • German meat brands include:
    • Alef
    • Black Kassel
    • Ehmer
    • Gaizer’s
    • Groezinger
    • Gurman
    • Holsteiner
    • Schmalz’s
    • Stiglmeier
  • Poland meat brands include:
    • Krakowski
    • Red Square
    • Italian Salami
    • Artisan, Beretta
  • Hungarian meat brands include:
    • Pick
    • Teli.
  • Eastern Europe meat brands include:
    • Piller’s
    • Bende
  • French meat brands include:
    • Fayer’s
    • Freybe.

Greenridge and Andy’s make all kinds of hot dogs, Canadian bacon, head cheese, smoked loin, and other tasty products.

Euromart fish come from cold waters in the seas across the north shores of Europe. Much of these waters are in the Arctic. These fish are loaded with omega-3 oils so important to our health. Much of our fish is wild-caught.  

Brands are:

  • Matjes (Denmark)
  • Richter (Germany)
  • Krinos (Greek)
  • Rigas Gold and Old Rigas (Latvia)
  • Skansen (Norway)
  • Abba (Sweden)

EuroMart is proud and grateful to be doing the right things and being in the right place in so many things we do. So in the case of fish, are you still consuming seafood from areas that had oil spills, or radiation leaks, or elevated mercury levels or third-world polluted farm-pond raised fish? You don’t have to. Examples of exotic seafood that we carry is black caviar from the Caspian Sea, smoked sturgeon steaks, eel!, Sumga, a Russian salmon, dried fish, Rollmops, brined herring with head and tails, Smoked whole mackerel,calamari and  seaweed (also known as kelp, sea kale, sea cabbage) that lets you make sushi at home for 25% of restaurant cost).