European Chocolates

European chocolates are among our most popular items we offer. Sure, we provide you with delicious chocolates from Belgium and Switzerland, but we offer many more that you will thoroughly enjoy. Every European country is proud of their chocolate. From the deep, dark, and sometimes bitter Belgium chocolates, to the bubbly aerated of Russia, to the chalky dark and white mix of Serbia, Euromart works to have it. All of it.

Brands we provide include:

  • Sainsbury, Confetteria (Belgium)
  • Cadbury, Mars, Norfolk Manor, Renshaw, Sultan’s, Walkers (British)
  • Kras (Croatia)
  • Mon-ami (France)
  • Kinder, Milka, Schogetten, Paul Reber (Germany)
  • Peruginia (Italy)
  • Lir/Guiness (Ireland)
  • Laima (Latvia)
  • Buceria (Moldova)
  • Wedel, Solidarnosc, Krakus, Olza (Poland)
  • Red Oktober, Robeda (Russia)
  • Takovo/EuroCrem (Serbia)
  • Galil (Turkey)
  • Nestle, Delafaille (Swiss)
  • Roshen, Doma (Ukraine)