European Cheeses

Cheese tends to go by name first, so yes, we offer many of the European cheeses you would expect; such as Swiss, Fontina, Emmental, Bondost, Gouda, Mozzarella, Parm, and Blues.

Specific cheese brands include:

  • Castella (Greece)
  • Svalia (Baltic)
  • Finlandia (Finland)
  • Zergut (Germany)
  • Polonaise (Poland)
  • Old Amsterdam, Old Salzberg, Westzaner, and Holland Kroon (Holland/Germany)
  • Friendship Dairies (Upstate New York)

Cheese is the most mislabeled and abused in the international food universe.We get upset whenever we walk into the major American stores and see cheese that is labeled “European-style” or “imported from Europe.”European-style is code -word for “made in USA using an Americanized European recipe”. “Imported from Europe” or “made in Europe” means “ made in Europe with an Americanized recipe made for the American market.” Americanized features would be skim milk instead of whole, less milk used, extra salt,preservatives, you get the idea.

Even worse is when the label is all in English language. And the absolute worst is when you taste those cheeses and no matter which kind (gouda, cheddar, havarti, etc) THEY ALL TASTE THE SAME. At Euro-Mart, we just say no to the deceiving mislabeling!

A note about Friendship Dairy of upstate New York: This area is a garden spot with good soil, lots of rain, and excellent milk. Nestle has American division operations on each coast, buying milk locally in a competitive manner. Producers must qualify and win Nestle business. This drives excellence in upstate New York.