European Breads, Cookies and Crackers

Euromart breads are one of a kind in Tulsa and even throughout the state of Oklahoma. Many people who are typically restricted from eating bread may be able to enjoy eating the bread that EuroMart offers (please check with your health professional).

Because the bread we -carry focuses on the ingredients of barley, rye, oats, European wheat strains,molasses, and fibre, it is healthier to eat and avoids the challenges some people face eating bread. Our breads are shipped from Europe and also made in bakeries in the big US cities in the Northeast.

Bread brands include

  • Andrew’s
  • NY Bread
  • Rigas
  • Privilege.

  Cookie & cracker brands include:

  • Spartak-(Belarus)
  • Jacob’s-(British)
  • Kras and Koestlin- Croatia, Finn-Crisp (Finland)  
  • Forrelli,  Marini and San Marco (Italy)
  • Fanzeluta-(Moldova)
  • Krakus-(Poland)  
  • Roshen-(Ukraine)